Monday, February 17, 2014


1/2 of ENIGMA is out in Issue magazine.
Sometimes things take longer than expected. The only reason we didn't leak full campaign (this is a fashion campaign fyi, Russian brand DiCh) is that 2nd magazine took 1 photo on the cover. And that's a secret.

Do you know: I was the 3rd photographer who was offered to join the team after previous 2 photographers declined the project.

Stylist: Ramina Zimuldinova
Stylist 2: Snezhana Uskova
Model: Katya @LMA Models
Make up: Maria Lazareva
Clothes: DiCh 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Andrew for White Lies magazine (Berlin) INTERVIEW

You can read it on WhiteLies magazine's website here

Moody – intense – darkness-tendency , that may be the best adjectives to categorise Andrew Kalashnikov’s photography. He is a 24 years old who ( in the fashion world ) may be best known as the guy whose moody shots were featured in the window display of Rick Owens’s store in Paris. I had the chance of exchanging a few lines with the man.

Andrew, when did you get into photography?
It was almost 3 years ago. I planned to shoot 3 concept series just for fun and then brought them out. Surprisingly, I am still in the business.
Well it’s no surprise to me. But can you still recall the first photo that actually got printed, or that you got money for?
Wow, I can try. In 2011, the fashion portrait «Light After Dark» in a Russian magazine. I actually found the magazine in a subway’ booth and bought 3 issues at once. It was cool. The first money I got for a model portfolio earlier.

But with the easy accessibility of good quality cameras, do you think people still take photography seriously?

I suppose, you just answered the question yourself. Today with easy access to digital cameras people think it’s easy to be a photographer and make a living of it. But if they try, nothing will happen. It’s a very competitive field. You should be 40% talented and 60% hard-working to succeed. Only workhorses can survive here.

100% agreed. Was it through hard work or by chance that you have gained success and a considerable following?
Hard work. During a whole year I had only 30 followers on my page. Nevertheless i updated it with new photos to show that I don’t give a fuck and I will work anyway. You should never stop learning and improving to succeed.

That’s the spirit. What’s an average day like for a photographer based in Russia anyway?
Depends on the photographer’s schedule. For the most photoshoots you have to get up early, then get to location or studio and take photos. I remember waiting 4 hours for a 10 min-photoshoot.
Digital vs. Analog. What are your preferences?
I am a digital photographer at this time.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Most Striking of 2013

the most striking pics of 2013. During 2013 many editorial assignments have been done. not all of them were good. neither all of them been published, nor posted online. This year I did my best to show my diversity as a professional, worked in almost all genres. Collection, just to remind. as my memory is limited :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013


...HUSH is probably my most optimistic photoshoot so far. I wanted to create a story with a mood, more artistic and less fashion. Jane (model) is my good friend, we know each for years. Together we did 5-6 editorials. So it was easy to work together on this story. For the record, I'm not going to shoot such positive series again. (from the interview for Kock magazine, December 2013 issue)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

ENIGMA - Moodboard playlist

As it was announced before, ENIGMA - new dreamy mysterious editorial + campaign to be released this month. This playlist reflects the visual side of campaign: cosmic, fresh and enigmatic. 



ENIGMA PLAYLIST by andrewkalash on Grooveshark

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hi, my name is...Interview for (Berlin)

Had a lovely talk with (Germany) where: 1) you can find details about new shoot 2) how I started taking pics 3) and it should give an impression that I changed the dark side to the light 

your motivation, inspiration + influences
Most artists are influenced by all of their surroundings so am I. Well, I always try to experiment with genres. I suppose for any artist it is important to move forward, experiment with style. I like Peter Lindbergh editorials. But now prefer Carter Smith simplicity working on fashion shoots.

when did you start photography
Really I don’t remember. But I was always interested in visual arts. For a while I did nothing, just hanging out with people who wasted their time. Photography classes at my university strengthened my interest and I wanted to develop these skills by attending additional coursework. Then I got myself together and started to make first sessions under my terms.

film or digital
Digital. Sold my film camera many years ago when I was broke, before I started to work in photography.

i’m in love with…

High mountains, easy people, Dr Pepper, my upcoming projects. Future.i’m dreaming of…

One of the things is to be represented by photography agency abroad. I will be provided with better locations than in Russia, could show my ability to work at a very high level of quality. So I could be booked for the celebrities’ editorial assignments.

the darkness is…

Shit. But beyond any dark clouds the sun is always shining.

nude vs dressed

There’s no nude models in my portfolio. Should I improve that?

what’s next?

Certainly, already have new goals to accomplish. Don’t want to talk way too much.New mystical editorial is out in October. It was shot near the waterfall, witchcraft theme. Should say, my arm and leg were injured when I fall into the wild river.Maybe it may sound dissappointing for someone but I don’t see my life only spinning around photography. Wish I would live somewhere between Europe and US doing creative stuff, touch wood.

last but not least: your question

If you didn’t reach your goals so what are you waiting for?

You can also read this interview on their website

Friday, October 18, 2013

DIESEL REBOOT in Paris. Did a quite good job


So proud that my works been chosen by Diesel brand for their campaign to be exhibited in Galeries Lafayette in Paris this month. Feel grateful. my 2nd selected exhibition in France. 
from 14-23 Oct, be here if you r near

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interview with See7 - Andrew Kalashnikov

This my interview I had with See7 Magazine recently. You can read it on their website.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a young Russian photographer. Art is the thing that drives me.

The coloring in your work is very subtle, is that something that happens during the shoot, or part of post-production?

It’s all in the post-production process, I suppose.  It’s a very important thing that can save even a bad photo shoot.

There is a softness and edginess in your work, which gives your images a kind of energy. How do you achieve this juxtaposition?

It may sound weird, but people said my first works were too static.  With every new project, I have tried to improve that.  I often achieve that by jumping and running with models.

How does living and working in Russia effect your work?

I was asked this question few times this year.  Life in Russia effects my work the same as all artists are influenced by their surroundings. The field of commercial photography is still developing here, but it’s still really difficult for a young photographer to make a career of it in Russia.  Also, it’s not the best place at all to become a photographer.  There are a lot of things to complain about, but to improve as well.  I am not discouraged.  Despite being exhausted, I really enjoy all of the days I spend on a shoot.

What’s next for you?

To accomplish my new goals.  I think it’s only in 2013 that my photography is really starting to make sense.  My new editorial is starting to come together and is more cinematic.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Calm Before the Storm

Norway suburbs in autumn.